Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Enchanted Palace

I finally made it to the Enchanted Palace Installation at Kensington Palace. A fantastic mixture of Fairytale, History and Fashion, it was an experience that did not disappoint! It tells the stories of the seven princesses involved in the Royal Court: Princess Mary, Princess Anne, Princess Caroline, Princess Charlotte, Princess Victoria, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana. I was particularly fascinated by "The Room of Dancing Princesses", an eerie room featuring dresses which belonged to Princess Diana and Princess Maragaret, and captured the sadness of events in both of their lives. I absolutely loved "The Room of a Sleeping Princess", a visual representation of Victoria's last night as a princess,with mattresses piled high and fantastic painting of her marriage to Prince Albert by Sir George Hayter. When leaving the exhibition you descend down the Kensington Staircase, which famously, Victoria had to walk down whilst holding the hand of an adult until the day she became Queen.

A fantastic experience and a delight for any little girl (no matter what age). I would absolutely love to return before the palace is once again transformed! 

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